TextGridLab Nightly Versions

TextGridLab Update Site

This is a p2 repository, it contains tools that can be installed into the TextGridLab using its internal update mechanism. To do so, either use the marketplace (Help / Marketplace) if the tool is present there, or directly use the installation tool:

  1. Help / Install new software ...
  2. Enter this site's URL into the Work with field and press return
  3. Select the tools you would like to install from the tree below
  4. Finish the dialog, accept licenses etc.
  5. Quit.

Child Repositories

This is a composite repository. The actual contents is in this repository's children (or their children, respectively). Below is a list of child repositories:

  1. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/base
  2. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/bundled-jre
  3. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/core
  4. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/dictionaries
  5. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/help
  6. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/linkeditor
  7. https://ci.de.dariah.eu/p2/nightly/xmleditor
  8. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/glosses
  9. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/linguistics
  10. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/ttle
  11. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/collatex
  12. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/noteeditor
  13. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/sadepublish
  14. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/digilib
  15. http://download.digital-humanities.de/updates/textgridlab/base-extras